Sprint Intranet

Sprint knows connections. They connect millions of people every day. But they needed help with an intranet to connect their employees — to product information, to company news and tools, and to each other.

Getting Everyone on the Same (Home) Page

One company, multiple intranets. It happens all the time, and it was happening at Sprint. The company wanted all its employees plugged into the latest information about products and services — information mostly found on a sales-specific intranet. They also wanted everyone in the loop on company initiatives, community involvement, and subject matter expertise — stuff that was housed on the corporate intranet.

Silo Bustin’

To bring everyone together, you have to tear down the walls. That meant an intranet based on user tasks, not organizational silos. Then, we added in the fundamentals, like a well-executed, personalized news carousel that provides a clear visual starting point. We included personalized links to commonly used tools, based on metrics and research. Then we layered on a solid visual design that's scannable and made the actionable areas clear and obvious. These are the ground rules of a good intranet, and while they’re easy to understand, they’re also incredibly difficult to pull off in the under-funded, overly political world of internal communications. It takes a dedicated project team, and a commitment to user experience, to make it happen.

Full of Win

Sales and corporate users have broken out of their separate intranets and are now sharing information, which makes for happy clients and happy users. That’s a win, every time. But a literal win is always nice, and we’re proud to say we got that too. The Sprint intranet was named a top ten intranet in the 2015 Nielsen Norman Intranet Design Annual, one of the most widely recognized honors an intranet can receive. Sweet.