Intranets for the Win

Author: Alicia Backlund

Date: January 14, 2016

Showing some love for award-winning intranets

Ah, the intranet. The Cinderella of the online world. Toiling away in hand-me-downs while the mobile apps and dot-com sites get all dressed up for the ball.

All right, maybe that’s a bit melodramatic. But the reality is that intranets often ARE struggling — perpetually under-funded, stuffed with information, and staffed by “voluntold” content owners who are trying to keep up with their intranet duties in addition to their real job.

At Level Five, we’ve worked on our fair share of intranets, and we know the challenges that intranet teams face. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see some recognition for intranets that are doing it right.

This month marks the release of one of the most widely read and well-known sources of intranet information and recognition: the Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Annual.

This yearly report spotlights the top ten intranets out of those submitted for evaluation by NNG. As a proud member of the 2015 top ten, we’d like to say congrats to the 2016 winners, and thanks for helping us prove that great intranets are more than just a fairy tale.

To learn more about Level Five’s work on the award-winning Sprint intranet, check out the case study.