UXPA Workshop Series

Author: Alicia Backlund

Date: January 14, 2016

“Design” and “Agile” are words that, when spoken in the same sentence, can make designers cringe. But it IS possible to take advantage of Agile’s productivity and rapid development cycles — without sacrificing design and UX principles.

Find out how at the next UXPA Workshop Series: Speeding Up Design Cycles with Design Sprints.

Nick Mosher of the American Academy of Family Physicians will share a technique called design sprints , pioneered by Google Ventures. Design sprints have helped the teams at AAFP embrace agile development practices while keeping user experience and design standards high.

Nick's presentation will involve collaborative and interactive activities, including design games and role-playing to solve problems. And since AAFP has previously partnered with Level Five, we expect the presentation will reflect their brilliance and good taste.

Register now for the event. We’ll see you there!